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Savings and Installment Loans up to $4,000*


Take the first big step toward financial stability with the savings and installment loan from GoCredit.me.

It’s a quick and easy way to:

  • Get the cash you need now

  • ​Establish savings that will be there for you when you need it

  • Build your credit history


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Four simple steps to help you build a brighter financial future

 GoCredit.me makes it easy to get funded for an installment loan up to $4,000* and build savings.


Step 1:
Apply now


Step 2:
Get funded


Step 3:
Build credit history


Step 4:
Collect your savings

Complete the quick and easy installment loan application and get approved for up to $4,000* within minutes of submitting your information.


A portion of your cash will be deposited directly into your bank account the same day, and the rest will be placed into a secure account that you can monitor through your customer portal.


Once you’ve been approved and begin making payments, your payments will be reported and you’ll automatically build your credit history.


After you’ve paid off your loan in full, the money that was securely held in a savings account will be transferred to you within 10 business days, allowing you to continue your journey toward financial stability.


What’s a savings and installment loan?

The savings and installment loan offered by GoCredit.me delivers what you need today and what you need tomorrow.

You get the cash you need right now to pay bills, meet unexpected expenses or make a big purchase.

And, as you’re making your payments on the loan, you’re building savings that you can access when the loan is paid off.

You'll find yourself in a much more stable financial position, with an improved credit history, ready to continue toward your brighter financial future.



Illinois’ Newest Fintech Boldly Breaks New Ground in Consumer Financial Services
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Illinois’ Newest Fintech Boldly Breaks New Ground in Consumer Financial Services

Fintech is a term used to describe new technology that automates and improves the delivery of financial services,” says Barbara Wolf, chief executive officer of GoCredit.me. “The most successful fintechs help people better manage their financial transactions and processes, and ultimately, their lives.

“That’s a perfect description for GoCredit.me,” she notes. “We’re proud to offer lending services that help our customers get to a brighter financial situation.

“GoCredit.me is a new kind of fintech and a new kind of lender,” adds Barbara. “More and more people are seeing—and taking advantage of—the unique value we deliver.”

Saving vs. Checking? Which one is the best fit for you?
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Saving vs. Checking? Which one is the best fit for you?

Having a savings or checking bank account is crucial today due to the convenience, security, and financial management tools they offer. These accounts provide a safe place to store your money, minimizing the risk of loss or theft. Additionally, they allow for easy and efficient transferable services, such as electronic payments and debit card usage.

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