No-credit-check loans

No-credit-check loans

No-credit-check loans

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No-credit-check loans might sound good, but they come with a great deal of risk for borrowers. Lenders who offer no-credit-check loans do not check your credit score or review your credit history before offering you a loan. These loans are often funded quickly by lenders and used by borrowers to cover emergencies or address last-minute cash needs.
Sounds good? There’s a catch!
Interest rates for these loans can skyrocket well above 100%, making paying them back challenging at best—or impossible at worst. There also may be additional fees for taking out no-credit-check loans.

What is a bad credit loan?

A bad credit loan is a loan offered to a borrower with a less-than-perfect credit history, including those with low credit scores. These loans are typically used for emergencies or last-minute funding needs, like car repairs, household expenses or medical bills. Traditional lenders—including banks and credit unions—often require borrowers to have a high credit score to qualify for a loan. That’s where bad credit loans come in.

 Not all bad credit loans are created equal. Some have safety risks involved, while others—like a loan from—can help you to improve your credit history over time. 

Does offer no-credit-check loans?

No, does not offer no-credit-check loans. We offer savings and installment loans, which cover your quick-money needs by funding a portion of your loan ASAP and help you build savings at the same time. These loans also give you the opportunity to build your credit history, making safer loan options than a no-credit-check loan more available to you in the future.

Should I take out a no-credit-check loan?

The short answer: if you live in Oregon or Illinois, you have a better option. With the savings and installment loan from, you get you quick access to funds while you build your savings—and get the chance to build your credit history. It’s Simple: Cash Loan + Savings!SM

 Apply online and get your money as fast as today!†
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