Don’t let IRS refund delays derail your plans

Don’t let IRS refund delays derail your plans

Don’t let IRS refund delays derail your plans

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This year, as in recent years past, the Internal Revenue Service is projecting significant delays in the processing of tax returns and the issuing of refunds.

According to the IRS website, if you file on paper, it may take six months or more to process your return.

Many taxpayers plan on receiving their federal tax refunds within 21 days, but pandemic-related staffing issues have made speedy refunds a thing of the past.

A just-in-time solution when refunds are slow in coming

But if you were counting on your refund to pay off the holiday bills that came due in January, you can still write those checks.

And if you had planned to use your refund to make a long-awaited big purchase, you can still buy that widescreen TV or new kitchen appliance.

With the savings and installment loan available from, you can get funded for a loan up to $4,000 in three easy steps. So you can follow through on your plans even if the IRS will take months to deliver your refund.

Cash now, savings when you need it

The savings and installment loan helps you in three ways:

  • you get cash to meet your immediate financial needs
  • you’re building a savings account as you pay off the loan
  • as you make your installment payments, you’re automatically building your credit history

Keep your budget intact and your plans on track

The savings and installment loan helps you stay on budget and meet your financial obligations while you wait for the IRS to process your refund.

And as you pay off your loan, your savings account continues to grow and accrue interest.

What’s more, the loan has no penalties for prepayment, so you can pay off the loan as soon as your tax refund arrives.

Take the important first step toward a brighter financial future

You come out ahead with the savings and installment loan.

You’ll find yourself in a more stable financial situation, with a savings account that makes you better prepared for life’s emergencies, and an improved credit history that will help when you buy a home or car, rent an apartment or apply for a job.

Click here to get started now.


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